Thursday, July 26, 2018

Coquina Stucco Repair Services Announcement

Coquina Stucco Repair Services

It is finally available! Stucco HQ is proud to announce the fact that we are now offering Coquina stucco repair services to homeowners and business owners in Central Florida area. Though it is not the most popular siding exterior option we still have quite a few homes and commercial buildings that have Coquina shell stucco as their stucco exterior. At some point Florida climate, building settling, etc. all have their part in these properties needing stucco repair, in this case Coquina stucco repair.

Our office received a lot of calls, from homeowners mostly, that inquired about Coquina stucco repair services and asking for a free estimate on repairs. Stucco HQ decided to start taking care of these calls starting immediately. We issued a Press Release letting everyone know that we are now stucco repair contractors who provide Coquina stucco repair services. You can read republished Press Release below...


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